Jams Fleece Horse Stable Rug - Polar fleece under rug/ show rug for additional warmth by Snuggy Hoods

Jams Fleece Rug

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Snuggy Jams prevent the winter coat from growing and ruining the summer sheen we work so hard all summer to achieve. The Snuggy Jams Fleece Rug is made from the softest, cosy polar fleece covering chest, shoulders, body and full belly.

Perfect for show preparation, to stop the Winter coat coming through as quickly and to stop clipped coats growing back as fast. The Jams Fleece Rug will also encourage the coat to lie flat and add shine.

It is elasticated at wither and chest and around the rear for a close yet comfortable fit. The belly section is generous in size and is adjustable both sides to accommodate different shapes and sizes!

CLICK HERE to check out the Snuggy Jams product information video including fitting information.

NEW for 2018 - Now with XL Tail flap Teamed with the Snuggy Jams Fleece Hood this Snuggy Jams combination provides ultimate coverage for winter warmth. Another popular combination is the Turn Out Hood worn with the Snuggy Jams Fleece Rug.

Sizes - 4’6” to 7’3”

Top Tip: Use with the matching Jams Fleece Hood and Fleece Boots to create a cosy Onesie for your horse or pony. Practical does not need to be boring!