Warm & Waterproof Dog Rugs From Snuggy Hoods


Your dogs favorite clothing item!

Save valuable time which is usually spent toweling down your dog after long muddy winter walks, the Snuggy Hoods Dog Rug keeps your pooch clean, warm and dry during cold and wet weather. They are quick and easy to fit and come with a full tummy cover which saves any muddy puddle splash back!

The Snuggy Hoods "Keep Warm Dog Rug" is versatile.....not only does it keep them warm and dry yet it helps to wick away excess moisture after bathing. We have a number of customers who use them for the following reasons:

UV Protection

Post Op Dog Rugs

To help with allergies

Full coverage to help dogs suffering from cancer

The Snuggy Hoods Keep Warm & Clean Rugs are a great showing accessory for those who are looking for an extra shine on their dogs coat. These rugs have a fantastic reputation and are one of Snuggy Hoods most popular products.

The Dog's Body is easy to fit, you simply slip it over the dogs head and move the rug into position. The tummy flap passes between the front legs and fastens with velcro to either side of the tummy. There are hind leg straps for extra security if needed.

Be sure not to be the one missing out this winter. Buy a Dog Rug from Snuggy Hoods today and you will never turn back, they help to keep a winter shine on your dogs coat by keeping it clean, warm and dry.

SHOP HERE - both rugs can be used together for extra warmth

Keep Clean

Keep Warm

Check out the video featuring Snuggy Hoods Dog Rugs below.