Prepare for Spring with the Bug Body Fly Rug!

Looking for Summer protection for horse or pony? Look no further - the Bug Body has it all!

The Bug Body is a strong yet lightweight and fully breathable fly rug which will keep your horse or pony cool and comfortable throughout the Spring and Summer, rain or shine!

Why is the Bug Body different to other fly rugs? Firstly the fabric is unique, it is water repellent meaning the rug is showerproof yet cool enough for hot climates so really is a rug for all weathers.

Secondly it's a fly rug with belly cover and is a close fit so all sensitive areas are covered without the risk of bugs getting up inside. The belly section is adjustable both sides with strong Velcro closures.

Thirdly there is the option for additional coverage to be added to the Bug Body. The horse Sheath Cover is extremely popular, there is nothing quite like it on the market and it really does work! The horse Udder Cover is another optional which protects a mare's teat area. Also Front Legs can be purchased separately to cover up the fore leg from the knee upwards. The Sweet Itch Head UV fly mask works brilliantly covering the face, eyes and ears from flies, sun, dust and dirt - used with the Bug Body your horse or pony will enjoy complete summer protection.

Lastly you can take advantage of our repair service. The Snuggy Hoods rug repair service is very popular with our customers as our repairs lady rarely says no! She really does work wonders by turning rags back into fully functional Hoods or Rugs and all for just £25 per garment including the courier service back to you when done.

All this proves Snuggy Hoods really do have it covered!