NEW Summer Turn Out Hood - By Customer Demand

We have listened to our customers and release the NEW Snuggy Hoods Summer Turn Out Hood.

The Summer weight turn out hood has all of the same qualities as our best selling Turn Out Hood, although in a lighter weight fabric better suited to the warmer Spring/ Summer months.

Already a popular choice for many customers, the Summer Turn Out Hood is available with an optional zip and 8 standard sizes, we can make made to measure sizes for Miniature Shetlands and Miniature Horse's.

The fabric of the Summer Turn Out Hood is fully breathable and offers total protection from midges, biting insects, flies and harmful UV rays. 

The Summer Turn Out Hood covers ears, face, neck, shoulders and chest. We recommend to use this Hood with the Sweet Itch Rug for maximum coverage, nose to tail.

The Summer Turn Out Hood is self-fixing so it can be used with any other rug such as a fly rug or Summer sheet. If you don't require the horse's head to be covered you can choose the Headless Sweet Itch Hood for amazing protection without covering the horse's face.


  • Midge/fly/Insect proof fabric
  • Stops harmful UV rays
  • Close fit, no gaps
  • Cool, breathable & comfortable
  • With ears & optional YKK zip
  • Soft, adjustable noseband

There is the option to add on Front Legs, Udder Cover or Sheath Cover providing extended coverage for the severe Sweet Itch sufferer. These items are purchased separately and designed for use with the Sweet Itch Rug or Bug Body Fly Rug.

Sizes – XS to XXL
Colours - Haint Blue