Managing The Muddy Horse in The Winter!

Managing horses in the Winter months just isn't easy! Snuggy Hoods have many winter horse hoods and rugs and have some tips on how to make life during the Winter that little bit easier for you and more comfortable for your horse.

Firstly ensure you have good quality turn out rugs that are waterproof and warm. Horses and ponies will need various weights of outdoor rugs depending on whether they are fully clipped or not. Ensure all rugs are a good fit to make your horse comfortable. Full neck turn out rugs work really well with the Turn Out Head which covers face and ears. The clever weatherproof hood fabric will keep your horse's face and ears clean, warm, dry and will keep clipped coats for longer.

Try and keep the first layer against the horses coat clean and grease free. Choose a lightweight winter under rug that can be washed in the washing machine - not only will your horse's coat be more healthy, clean and shiny you'll save money by not having your heavyweight turn out rugs washed as often - with a Winter under layer your top rugs will stay clean on the inside. The Spik and Span Rug is perfect for this and can also be used as an under layer for stable to stop stable stains or alone in warmer weather.