Looking to STOP coat bleaching and enhance coat shine?

Many of you may recognize this pony, Snuggy Hoods Gryngault Picture Frame otherwise known as Lolli.....a pony who holds numerous titles in the Showing world to include Lead Rein of Hunter Type at Horse of the Year Show 2016. 
Lolli is known for her immaculate turn out by Team Holder, this is largely assisted by the help of many of the Snuggy Hoods Show Prep products keeping her Liver Chestnut coat in tip top condition. For many showing enthusiasts, coat bleaching is always a worry...unless of course you have a Grey.  Snuggy Hoods hold the answer to your prayers - Nose to tail coverage with the Snuggy Hoods Lycra Hood & Rug will prevent any coat bleaching and leave your horse or pony with a shine like no other in the ring. 

These products are versatile, they can be used alone in the stable, at shows or during transit or use as an base layer and rug on top accordingly.  The hood can be used with any rug also the rug with any hood. A few of their advantages are listed below. 

- Protect plaits overnight or during transit
- Keep the coat dust and hay free
- Tame the mane
- Polish the coat
- Lay the coat