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My thanks to Amy Pottinger for these photos of Upsalls Elton. I'm going to share them throughout this blog as they are so lovely!

Last month was been fairly busy for Elton. He was visited by our equine dentist for a routine 6 month check up and routine work which went well. Elton also had his first clip since he has been with me, I decided to have him fully clipped but left his legs on for extra protection – he was a complete super star and stood very still, I think he quite enjoyed being clipped.

Later in the month our saddler visited to check if Elton had changed shape since her last visit as his custom made Harry Dabbs saddle is currently being made – he had changed shape quite a bit so Katie took a new template.

We have also been on our first two outings together which was a learning curve for both of us but in a good way as it is all about preparing Elton for what is to come as I have high hopes for him.

Our first outing was to a competition which we just used as experience so we could learn from each other – it is always daunting taking a new horse out as you never know how they will react to their new surroundings especially as a baby who is only just learning about life as a competition horse. He was a very good boy for our first outing together, considering he's only 5 and still has lots to learn. He travelled very well on his own in the trailer and stood patiently to be tacked up – I was very pleased with his grown up attitude. There is more on this in my last blog.

Elton’s second outing was to a development training day which was held by Nicola Tustain MBEat Clwyd Special Riding Centre. I booked him a stable at the venue as I thought he might get a little impatient waiting in the trailer on his own – he likes to see where he is, very nosy! First I had a pyhsio session so Elton chilled in his stable tucking straight into his haynet which is good to know for the future when we stay away at competitions. In my physio session I worked on exercises to help my position and effectiveness of my aids which is even more important when riding a young horse so they understand what the rider is asking. After my physio session I headed down to the stables where Elton was already being tacked up so we were ready to head up to the indoor school for our training session with Nicola Tustain MBE. He worked very well during our lesson as he was very nervous to start and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, lots of homework to do over the next few months before the competition season starts again next year.

I hope you enjoyed the foal photos!

Nat x