Avoid Transport Injury By Using Travel Boots

The Equine Limb

The equine lower limb is an unbelievably strong yet vulnerable structure. The lower leg has very little muscle tissue and whilst tendons are able to withstand incredible forces longitudinally when under load however if blunt force is applied vertically the results can be catastrophic and injuries can be potentially career or life ending.

Horse & Pony Travel Boots

Travel boots have an advantage in that they are easy to put on and the risk of over-tightening is minimized. They are however quite bulky which some horses object to. It is common for horses to initially appear uncomfortable when wearing travelling boots so preparation is key. Ensure your horse is de-sensitized to the boots before travelling, this can be achieved by fitting them a couple of times and leading your horse around until they are comfortable.

Make sure the boots are the correct size and do not slip down over the entire hoof. They should sit low enough that they cover the coronet band (please see below).

There are a wide range of travel boots on the market today with varying differences. Snuggy Hoods offer high quality travelling boots which have been trialled and tested. Proven to provide superb protection whilst being comfortable, breathable and lightweight for your horse. The travel boots come in a set of four and are made out of a cosy polar fleece, making them the ideal mix between travelling bandages and boots.

The boots have strong Velcro tab fastenings and are padded for warmth and comfort, these fastenings allow for them to be fitted with ease and do not apply too much pressure to the leg.

You have the option to team your Snuggy Hoods Travel Boots with a matching Tail Guard and Travelling Jams rug if required for additional protection.